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Bonsai Artist

Andrew Edge is the owner of Edge Bonsai Studio and has been a student of bonsai since receiving a bonsai as a Christmas present in 1995. Passionate about Japanese bonsai, Andrew has travelled numerous times to Japan, Vietnam, and the USA in pursuit of further knowledge.

Traditional Japanese techniques and design, combined with modern horticultural knowledge, allow Andrew to push the boundaries both artistically and horticulturally in what is a
lifelong search for new and exciting ways to express bonsai as an artistic

Specialising in pines, junipers and deciduous trees, Andrew has ‘branched out’ to include many Australain native species to his bonsai collection. The collection at the studio consists of over 100 bonsai, as well as many trees in development.

Whether starting your bonsai journey, or just needing your tree handled by a professional, contact Andrew today.